Jennifer Schipper


A decade long friendship between five women is tested as each woman struggles to find true love and self-fulfillment in her thirties.
Eligible, straight bachelors are an endangered species in Vancouver, British Columbia, so when ANNE COYLE, a spunky thirty-something snags herself a handsome, successful husband, it is reason to celebrate.

Anne's Matron of Honor, GWEN BRADLEY, has it all - a movie star husband, a mansion in North Van, fame, and fortune, but she is as miserable and as drunk as the tabloids make her out to be. 

SOPHIE LEVESQUE, whose biological clock is at odds with her grocery list of qualifications in a suitor, catches the bridal bouquet hoping to solidify her fledgling relationship with a workaholic ER doctor. 

MILA MIHIR dreams of home ownership in the same way Sophie dreams of a baby, but her husband, a victim of the crash has been unemployed for almost two years. A visit from her in-laws puts her dream within reach, but at a cost she is not sure she is willing to pay.

When TINA RANDALL's heroin addiction gets her fired from her job, she succumbs to working the ugly streets of East Van for her pimp boyfriend to pay the bills and feed her habit. 

The five friends gather monthly to indulge in a cocktail ritual where they dissect and debate such worldly issues as who is dating who, who is divorcing who, affairs, scandals, and babies. 

Their decade long friendship becomes strained as each woman's life devolves and they each struggle to find true love and self-fulfillment in their mid-thirties. 

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