Jennifer Schipper



Doesn't Everybody Deserve a Second Chance?

The women of Mimosas are back and more determined than ever to shape their families and their futures. Fast approaching their mid-thirties, Gwen, Sophie, Anne, and Mila each look to establish themselves after heartache. 

Rehabbed and reconciled with her A-list celebrity husband, Austin Bradley, Gwen is on a mission to make babies. 

Dreaming of reuniting with her ex ER doctor boyfriend James Shipman, Sophie moves out of her community rental and into a money pit home of her very own. Living together, surely the workaholic tendencies that tore them the first time would no longer be an issue. 

Meanwhile, a husbandless Mila has downsized to a less reputable postal code and taken on a new, unconventional job, all in the name of debt repayment and home ownership. But with Amir's surprise return after a year abroad, is a proper, legal wedding on the horizon?

After a year of atoning for his sins and becoming the father he never knew he wanted to be, Anne makes the decision to let Mark Connor back in her life. 

On the surface everything looks rosy, but Mila's job keeps Amir up at night. When Sophie approaches James about renewing their relationship he is already wearing a wedding ring. Anne and Mark's reconciliation is put on hold by a medical crisis so big it threatens relationships and body parts. And is Gwen drinking again?
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